Since, as a result of the digital transformation of their ecosystem, today’s companies must focus on what constitutes the core of their value and place that at their clients’ service, Open assists them to ensure that technology “disappears” and, instead of being an obstacle, becomes a real accelerator for business.

To enable its clients to undertake their digital mutation and to strengthen their focus on their areas of specialisation by making the very most of innovative and breakthrough technologies to stand out from their competitors, Open has concentrated the know-how of its best employees into cutting-edge market-leading solutions that incorporate both the hands-on knowledge gained through working with its clients over the years and its areas of digital expertise: Cloud, Mobility, Geo and Big Data.

“More than ever, our clients are looking for greater agility, responsiveness and speed. That is why we set ourselves the same standards when developing our solutions. To achieve these, we have built a culture of open innovation together with our clients and our partners, based on an iterative approach, with multidisciplinary teams capable of challenging the status quo and constantly searching for improvement in order to construct exceptional products.”

Raphaël Giraud

Open’s R&D teams are agile, using DevOps methodologies. They design their products with their clients and their users. And they develop and operate their solutions on the continuous innovation platform integrated by Open. This platform, designed using a ‘Cloud First’ and ‘API centric’ approach, in a micro-service architecture, enables Open to frequently propose new solutions and to develop them very quickly.

Open’s  Solutions offering is built around three major categories:

Business-centric solutions:

  • Primpromo, a tool for monitoring and steering property development activities
  • XLoan (published by our subsidiary MCO Finance), a solution for finance professionals

Digital-centric solutions :

  • Moodpeek, a solution for analysing the opinions of mobile users
  • FullMaps, a collaborative solution for creating online and mobile maps
  • A WYSIWYG generator of native mobile applications

The ‘Fast IT’ platform

  • Stemming from a complete integration, using Open Source building blocks, to develop and operate your SaaS solutions on a modular micro-service architecture, API-centric

Finally, Open also provides a full range of services associated with its solutions: consultancy and analysis, implementation, training and client support.

Raphaël GIRAUD
Director of Solutions at Open
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