Via its Quality department and Quality Management System, Open has developed processes and methods that define a rigorous framework for all projects undertaken, application portfolio management projects in particular.

Open's application portfolio management offer is industrialised and enriched by capitalising on the experience and expertise acquired with every project completed. We do this through:

  • dedicated management methodology, experience feedback and production processes

A "Production Method Repository" (PMR) ensures the quality of our software production processes. One of the main purposes of the PMR—as with all Open quality policies—is to provide client satisfaction, enhance service quality and reduce costs.

  • high-performance tools

Open implements tools that assist in organising and controlling all aspects of an application portfolio management project. These tools are continuously improved and are part of our global legacy application management offer. They provide advanced features for knowledge management, reporting, capitalisation and maintenance.

Open has a production site based in Lille, France, dedicated to application portfolio management and support activities.

Entrusting your needs to the Open Applications Management Service Centre means results-driven commitment from us and our highly-skilled teams. Open's employees deliver technological excellence covering new technology environments (.NET, Java), large-scale computer systems (mainframe, AS/400) and client-server networks.

Our teams at the Open Application Management Service Centre are renowned for delivering high added value to the projects and missions of our many clients.

Benefits for our clients

Open is ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees the following benefits for our clients:

  • pre-sale cycle management,
  • secure production of our contracts (our delivery department sets up bespoke organisation and specific means to ensure high-quality production operations),
  • improvements to the overall effectiveness of our services,
  • an optimised document system,
  • a process for managing malfunctions and client claims,
  • an effective internal audit process.
Eric Pouyet
Service Centre Director
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