Open's attitude is characterised by 5 values that reflect our personality and our approach

The relevance of our offering, both for our clients and our employees, has allowed Open to rise through the ranks of Digital Service Companies in France. This has been made possible by paying attention to market needs and in particular the uses of end-customers, to which our clients must respond.

Because leading transformation projects requires constant renewal, our experts have learnt to be daring and to think outside the box for our clients' benefit. With an enterprising spirit, risk taking, and investing in innovation, Open has always shown audacity to give ourselves the means of our ambition: pursuing a strategy of strong and regular growth.

Open builds innovative and open organisations with a keen awareness of its corporate role in three areas: our social responsibility, in relation to employees, suppliers and clients, but also in environmental and economic terms.

25 years of a shared passion for our employees to take our client companies further, support their competitive strategy and their digital and industrial transformation projects. This passion is made clear by the high level of requirements and the results of our teams.

Open's employees are committed to satisfying our clients, partners and suppliers every day, from bids for calls for tenders to reviews of our collaboration. Their professionalism is a reflection of the whole company's commitment to a shared and durable long-term project.

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